Timeless Designs – Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Timeless Designs – Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Everyone has a personal style, and finding the perfect engagement ring for yourself or your partner is an important journey. At Aspire Diamonds, we believe that finding your ideal diamond ring is simply a matter of discovering what you love! We craft beautiful bespoke pieces in a wide range of styles, so you can rest assured you’ll find the piece for you.

Timeless diamond rings are cherished for their brilliant, intricate beauty and Princess diamonds are one such cut that became a classic.

Many people currently regard Princess diamonds as the second most popular cut behind the ‘round brilliant’. Being almost a square variation of that popular style, Princess diamonds are usually comprised of either 57 or 76 facets. These extra surfaces, along with its pyramidal shape, create incredible light dispersion that is absolutely perfect for a gorgeous engagement ring.

Correctly cut and expertly set, this cut will hide inclusions more efficiently than many other styles, making great diamonds look even more beautiful! At Aspire, we take inspiration from this fantastic design to craft bespoke pieces that will really take your breath away.

Princess Diamonds have a long history that stretches back to French cut diamonds, the popularity of which peaked in the 17th century. The French cut was the diamond of choice for royalty until the round brilliant cut, which remains incredibly popular to this day, supplanted it. The Princess diamond is distinct from the French cut due to a ‘cross’ shape that is visible through the stone’s table.

Going through several iterations over the years, with the name even being used to describe other cuts, the modern Princess diamond was created in 1979 and has remained popular ever since. These engagement rings remain timeless due to its brilliance along with the square edges allowing several to be set together to form a wedding band or an incredible eternity ring.

At our store in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, we craft bespoke rings to fit the personal styles of all our customers. Book an appointment with one of our experts and enjoy browsing our collections in a relaxing environment, you’ll be sure to find the ring for you!

No matter what styles, settings or bands you like, we can find or create your dream diamond ring. We offer a 360-degree view of all of our rings online as well as a bespoke ring creator, through which you can even visualise your ring on your finger.

Begin your magical journey to your new happily married life with Aspire Diamonds.


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