Timeless Designs – Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Timeless Designs – Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Everyone has a personal style, and finding the perfect engagement ring for yourself or your partner is an important journey. At Aspire Diamonds, we believe that finding your ideal diamond ring is simply a matter of discovering what you love! We craft beautiful bespoke pieces in a wide range of styles, so you can rest assured you’ll find the piece for you.

Timeless diamond rings are cherished for their brilliant, intricate beauty and Princess diamonds are one such cut that became a classic.

Many people currently regard Princess diamonds as the second most popular cut behind the ‘round brilliant’. Being almost a square variation of that popular style, Princess diamonds are usually comprised of either 57 or 76 facets. These extra surfaces, along with its pyramidal shape, create incredible light dispersion that is absolutely perfect for a gorgeous engagement ring.

Correctly cut and expertly set, this cut will hide inclusions more efficiently than many other styles, making great diamonds look even more beautiful! At Aspire, we take inspiration from this fantastic design to craft bespoke pieces that will really take your breath away.

Princess Diamonds have a long history that stretches back to French cut diamonds, the popularity of which peaked in the 17th century. The French cut was the diamond of choice for royalty until the round brilliant cut, which remains incredibly popular to this day, supplanted it. The Princess diamond is distinct from the French cut due to a ‘cross’ shape that is visible through the stone’s table.

Going through several iterations over the years, with the name even being used to describe other cuts, the modern Princess diamond was created in 1979 and has remained popular ever since. These engagement rings remain timeless due to its brilliance along with the square edges allowing several to be set together to form a wedding band or an incredible eternity ring.

At our store in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, we craft bespoke rings to fit the personal styles of all our customers. Book an appointment with one of our experts and enjoy browsing our collections in a relaxing environment, you’ll be sure to find the ring for you!

No matter what styles, settings or bands you like, we can find or create your dream diamond ring. We offer a 360-degree view of all of our rings online as well as a bespoke ring creator, through which you can even visualise your ring on your finger.

Begin your magical journey to your new happily married life with Aspire Diamonds.

Timeless Designs – Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Timeless Designs – Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Finding a design that is unique, beautiful and one that you can fall in love with is an intricate process when picking out an engagement ring. Finding one you will love ten, twenty or thirty years into your married life is something that requires real consideration.

When it comes to diamond rings there are many beautiful designs centred around cuts, settings and metals that will always be in style. Finding a ring that is your own style and one that will still capture your heart after many years of happy marriage is important. Our experts at Aspire Diamonds take pride in finding you exactly what you are looking for in a relaxed, stylish environment in the heart of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. Timeless designs are plentiful in our comprehensive and elegant collection.

Emerald cut diamond rings are one such timeless design. They are incredibly popular and have a long history that stretches back to the very first stones cut for rings. That history in no way precludes emerald cut diamond rings from being a wildly popular and on-trend engagement ring. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Amal Alamuddin Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have all received beautiful and unique emerald cut diamond rings.

These engagement rings remain timeless due to their large fascia that highlights the clarity of the diamond as well as straight rectangular cuts that give it a defined, bold appearance.

The emerald cut evolved from the very first table cuts, a more simplistic shape, used in the 1500’s which was embellished upon during the Art Deco period at the beginning of the 20th Century. It was in this period that the name ‘emerald’ began to be used to describe the cut, which was originally used, as the name suggests, to cut emeralds. The style allowed emerald cutters to do their work without chipping or applying too much pressure to the gems. Diamond cutters realised the importance and style of the cut and applied it to diamonds soon thereafter.

At Aspire Diamonds, we craft bespoke rings with this elegant cut and many more. Book an appointment with one of our experts and enjoy viewing our extensive selection of gorgeous cuts, settings and bands. Enjoy a relaxing environment while we bring you a bespoke selection of rings tailored to your individual taste.

Begin your magical journey to your new happily married life with Aspire Diamonds.

Saving money on your next diamond engagement ring purchase

Saving money on your next diamond engagement ring purchase

Right now, we can bet that there are millions of men (following tradition) out there thinking about how to propose to their loved one. At this stage, many questions will cross their minds – what ring size is she? Am I proposing at the right time? How can I make this moment extra special? Most importantly, how will I find the perfect ring, but also stay within my budget?

We know these questions all too well thanks to our customers at Aspire Diamonds, so we thought we’d address the price question with a few simple hints. It’s all good and well searching for the nearest diamond engagement ring sale, but if you really want to know how to make a saving check out our top tips below:

  • Making the right cut – different jewellers will describe their diamond cuts in different ways. Here at Aspire, our cuts are named Good, Very Good and Excellent. No guesses for which one will make you the most saving here! Whilst this may seem like a straightforward tip, it may be the best way to ensure the quality of your ring, whilst remaining in budget.
  • Choose your colours wisely – you’d be a fool to think all diamonds are the same colour! We stock colours all the way from D to K and depending on your selection, the price can rocket up or plummet all the way down. Being clued up about your purchase is the beauty of not heading to any old diamond engagement ring sale. It means you can choose a bespoke ring and also get a great deal.
  • Get clarity – you may have noticed the term clarity pop up every now and then. This refers to the blemishes and inclusions of each diamond. FL means Flawless, IF means Internally Flawless, and then when we move onto Inclusions and the results are much cheaper! If you’re on a budget, ask for SI1 and SI2 – these are slightly included diamonds and sometimes the difference can only be seen by the experts.
  • Carats are forever – there is definitely money to be made when it comes to selecting the carat of the diamond. For example, an odd number can make all of the difference. If you’re looking for a one carat diamond, have you considered looking at a number just below this round number, such a 0.95? You may have just stayed within your budget.

So there you have it. There’s no need to make your way to the diamond engagement ring sale, you can make an educated bespoke purchase at your local jewellers. And if you’re not sure where you should head first, try Aspire.

Easter – the perfect time to propose?

Easter – the perfect time to propose?

There are many options available when it comes to proposing to your loved one. Many of our customers at Aspire Diamonds look for creative ways to pop the question and with Easter coming up, we thought we’d share a story that touched our hearts.

Not quite the ring we were expecting this Easter...
Not quite the ring we were expecting this Easter…

This story is about more than your average engagement, it’s about a couple from the states who got engaged on Easter Sunday. Husband-to-be Brandon, arranged his family to go on an Easter egg hunt with a twist. Each Easter egg had a number inside, which was assigned to a specific prize. Working with his soon-to-be father in law, Brandon asked him to call out all of the numbers and ask who had the jackpot. Of course, girlfriend, Melissa was on the receiving end of the jackpot and excitedly proclaimed this, without realising quite how big the jackpot prize was going to be.

In comes Brandon with the ring who drops down on one knee and asks Melissa to marry him. His girlfriend couldn’t have been more delighted and surprised by the proposal, screaming ‘Yes!’ in a fit of tears. You can read the full story here.

Of course, the exciting part for both parties is always showing off the engagement ring. Is it a vintage engagement ring, a silver engagement ring or perhaps something a bit more unique? A creative proposal is nothing without the right ring.

Are you thinking of proposing? Pop into our store in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and have one of our experienced staff talk you through your selection. We’ll even help you think of a great way to propose!

Here at Aspire Diamonds, we don’t just sell engagement jewellery, we sell life-long memories.